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All You Want To Know About Snap Jewelry

Snap JewelryEver since this interchangeable jewelry has been introduced, the lives of the ladies who love wearing jewelry has been eased. You don’t really have to maintain a huge collection of jewelry items when you have snap jewelry with you. These jewelry pieces have button like charms and you just have to remove, add another piece and then snap. That means you can customize the jewelry piece for any kind of outfit. They are available for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even rings.

This jewelry is surely becoming popular but as it is a bit expensive, many people have concerns whether or not it is going to be a worthy investment. They have certain questions regarding the jewelry in their minds. It seems to be a convenient option but what if it is not worth the money? Have a look at the list of questions that people usually have in mind regarding this type of jewelry.

What is snap?

It is like a button which can snap a necklace, earrings, bracelet or any other type of jewelry into something new. For example, one day you are going to wear a blue necklace and the next day, you are going to wear pink necklace.

How to change the snap?

It is quite easy to change the snap, you simply have to use your finger tips and twist it a bit till it comes out. They are large enough to be pried out with fingers, you don’t really need a special tool for this purpose.

Does the jewelry require cleaning?

Most of the pieces of snap jewelry are sliver plated and it might tarnish over time. You must clean it to ensure it lasts for a long time. Cleaning is easy, you simply need a polishing cloth. Do not use any liquid jewelry cleansers because they can damage the look and the color of the jewelry. It is recommended to not to wear the jewelry in pool or keep it away from water.

How much does this jewelry cost?

Many people have cost concerns when it comes to snap jewelry. The price depends on the material and the quality. If the buttons are studded with expensive jewelry findings such as crystal beads then the price is going to be higher. On the other hand, if it is plastic and then the price will be affordable. You can choose as many buttons as you want for exchanging a new one each day on the piece of jewelry. This will certainly make your life a whole lot easier.

If you are planning to invest money on snap jewelry then you can buy it in wholesale too. Wholesale jewelry supplies can make you save a lot of money along with giving you a chance to choose from a large variety. This type of jewelry is easy to handle and easy to wear. You can literally make your life easy if you have a wide variety of jewelry items and you can match them with every item you will be wearing.

Easy Rhinestone Beads Bracelet For Your Inner Girl

Rhinestone Beads BraceletIt is time for your inner girl to come forth, because the appeal of a rhinestone beads bracelet is nothing less than a charm for an everyday wear. The splendour on top is comforted by suede lace under to make it an easy accessory for you.

Skip the wonder of a topsy turvy ride; these are really simple to make, since your foremost requirement are beads. I preferrably get my hands on wholesale because it is a deal to get quality, low price and an abundant variety of beads.

Things to collect:

• Get started with several 5 or a ½“more of rhinestone cup chain in any color you want.

• About 3 feet of 3mm Micro fibre seude lace, in your choice of color would just do. As of my experience, I used natural for these bracelets.

• For clasps, just what you prefer! I particularly grabbed a lobster claw clasp for this bracelet.

• A large lobster claw clasp.

• A toggle or a large jump ring. I made a button and a loop outlet to make a working order for the torquoise bracelet with the 4mm rhinestone chain.

What you do:

• First and foremost, take lengths of rhinestone chain; fit the micro fiber suede flanked by the rhinestones and wrap around the back. Take note of leaving 3-4 inches of seude lace on the end part to make a clinch.

• Taking carefully, allow the chain to settle in place, tie a simple knot at the back of the bracelet, making sure that the shorter piece of suede lace goes in and out from the bracelet and the longer piece directs inward.

• Continue wrapping the suede lace between the rhinestones on the chain.

• Resulting stifness of suede lace in order to keep everything holding together and look marvellous, be careful about wrapping it too tightly – you’ll make it distorted into a spiral itself, if you do so.

• Now a humdrum process: tie the suede lace off with a regular knot when you get to the end of the rhinestone cup chain, the same way you did at the beginning. You’re almost there!

• Next step involves making a clasp. There are numerous ways to follow and you might as well have your favourite style that will work, so get on with it. Personally, I used a lobster claw clasp with a toggle.

• Now on the suede lace, thread the large lobster claw. This helps to cut the lace at an angle to get it pass the loop hole.

• Measure the length, and practice fitting on your wrist before carefully tying the clasp with a regular knot.

• Following up, you will get a clasp that is hanging way off the side of the suede lace. You need it straight out, otherwise, will not look good.

• In order to do that and to also secure the lobster claw better, tie another regular knot.

• Having a double knot, your bracelet will look more finished!

• Now doing an exact same round on the other end of your bracelet; ensuring you get the optimum size before tying the toggle on, re-measure the length. To vouch safe from wear and tear, add a drop of craft glue to the inside of each knot.

Make A Pretty Brooch Necklace With Best Wholesale Jewelry Findings

Pretty Brooch NecklaceAre you running short on gift ideas for your sister’s birthday? Find out whether she is a jewelry fanatic or not, and keep on reading to learn how to make an easy brooch and beads necklace – yes, you can create one at home if you have good wholesale jewelry findings. I say wholesale because once you are done with this piece, you will be encompassed by people with special requests for this necklace.

I am going to use single colored round pellets with a rhinestone brooch to add class and bling together. Whomever you gift it to would marvel at the splendor of wearing it.

Before weighing your options on wholesale jewelry findings, you need to jot down the items used in making a brooch and pearl necklace. You can later make a bracelet out of it with a few steps here and there.

a. Items required for the beautiful necklace

1. Beads: Pick a color or texture of your choice and buy beads in medium size. They can be acrylic, gemstone or glass spheres and not of the bone, clay or rhinestone kind.

2. Beading wire: The wire needs to be of a strong material, preferably silver memory wire that does not only feel heavy, but also does not appear to be there in the place. The balls will although cover it depending on your work’s finesse.

3. Brooch: A beautiful alloy rhinestone brooch in the shape of flower with pearl embedded in the middle will look classy and first choice of all age groups.

4. Jump rings: Silver colored brass jump rings will be used in connecting and fastening.

5. Lobster claw: Pick silver lobster clasps to match with other connectors, such as, jump rings.

6. Tools: You will need wire cutters, pliers of two shaped; round nosed and flat nosed pliers and tiny crimp tubes. These items are not supposed to be bought in wholesale jewelry findings, therefore, pick single pieces each of the good quality.

b. Follow these steps to create the necklace with wholesale jewelry findings

1. Using wire cutter; cut the wire to eleven inches of length and insert it through jump ring. You will now have two ends of wires. One end will be longer than the other. Join both ends of the wire near to jump ring using a crimp tube.

2. Now start stringing the pellets one-by-one until seven and a half inches of the wire, including small wire end is covered in a row of spheres.

3. Seal the other end with jump ring and crimp tube. Now make another strand of the same kind by increasing length by one inch in all steps.

4. Now connect both ends of each beaded string with single jump ring. Connect these ends with the rings in brooch to give it a final look.

The brooch and beads necklace is ready. All you have to do is wrap it gently in a cordial gift box!