How To Make A Pearl Necklace Using Jewelry Making Supplies

Pearl NecklaceNothing can beat the subtle class of pearls that so beautifully bring the look out in your jewelry as you wear. Whether it is a necklace or bracelet, pearl remains one of the favorite jewelry making supplies for every lady.

A classic, simple and elegant pearl necklace is simple a treasure to have in your collection. You must have a good number that you already accumulated going to stores and spending considerably high amount money. Gone are the old days, because now you are going to be wearing pearl necklaces crafted by your own hands using simple jewelry making supplies.

As of course, I am going to dictate a simple guide in this tutorial that will get you hand crafting these treasure jewelry in a matter of minutes. If you think it is going to be difficult or the jewelry making supplies used here are not affordable then let me tell you these are some of the most common materials, cheaply available everywhere. It is very easy, so focus and follow my step-by-step guide.

As a beginner, you need to know what usually jewelry making supplies are used. In this tutorial, we are going to begin with the following:

• Griffin silk beading string

• Needle

• Round potato freshwater pearls – 5mm in size

• Fine point, stainless steel bead and pearl knotting tool

• Scissors

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Grab the scissors and cut your cord. You have to keep the length large for now because you will have to test by passing it over your head to your neck. For this, I will recommend you cut at least 27 inches. To the finished length, add about 12 inches, so if you plan to make a necklace measuring 27 inches then add 12 additional inches to your string.

Told hold the first and second pearl secure, use a tape from the end of your cord.

You can actually use a pearl large in size, otherwise used a diamond bead reamer to enlarge the hole in the one you have.

Note: The first pearl needs to have a slightly larger hole, because we need to slide through it two times: First time, at the beginning of making this necklace, and the second time when we finish the necklace.

Now string on the first pearl with the bigger hole, skip tying a knot there and get on one of the regular pearls. This way you must be having two pearls on the beading string.

Step 2: After the second pearl, create a way for the knot. We skip tying a knot as it shall be placed there while you are closing the necklace.

Step 3: Now that you have made a slip for the knot, use your tool to hold the string secure. This way you will be able to place the knot next to the pearl.

Once you are sure of your desired length, the necklace can be closed. You can also use two strands in lieu of one. It’s just the closing method is same.

Step 4: Take each end and put the needle through the initial pearl. Tightly pull the ends, wrap one end around the finger to make a slip knot between the initial pearl and second, whilst holding the other end.

Now make another knot over the first one for strength.