How To Make Earrings Using Beads For Jewelry Making

Earrings Using BeadsAre you looking for making earrings out of your own hands? Well, I resonate with the feeling you must long for about wearing crafty materials made from beads for jewelry making that you’d so tenderly make on your own. You know the value of crafting, look more to than just about making jewelry and also have a knack for beads for jewelry making.

Indeed it’s an enticing experience and may set you up redeeming loads of opportunities. You only have to learn how to do your favorite thing, which is why I share with a simply step-by-step guide to make earrings using beads for jewelry making.

Let me give you a quick summary. These earrings do not take a toll on your time, energy and nerves. You don’t need professional skills either. You require investing in beads for jewelry making and other tools.


• Beads for jewelry making – 6mm in size and large enough to fit a 20 gauge wire

• 20 gauge soft- wire for the framework – 2x; 6 ¼” in size; round in shape

• 24 gauge soft-wire for coiling – 2x; 14” in size; round in shape

• Wire cutter

• Nylon jaw pliers (small)

• Chain-nose or flat-nose pliers

• Chasing hammer

• Steel block (optional; for hammering)

• Marker

• Needle file

Let us begin each step. Sit tight, focus and follow carefully.

• Grab a 20 gauge wire in your non-leading hand and start covering a 14” segment of 24 gauge wire of ½” from the finish point. You have to make 15-16 warps approx.

• Now grab your beads for jewelry making and string one on the 20 gauge wire.

• Using the 24 gauge wire, go above the bead and wrap around the 20 gauge wire. Your movement should be wrapping down, then around, and then back up.

• Followed by, string one more bead onto the wire and repeat the abovementioned process until you reach about 7 to 8 beads. Similarly, repeat the same process of wrapping the 24 gauge wire.

• Carefully, bend the entire piece into a “U” shape with your fingers. Trim the 24 gauge wire in excess. Then, pinch it using flat-nose pliers.

• Now you have to make a “teardrop” shape at the top by crossing the frame wires.

• Next up, cover (once) the smaller part of 20 gauge wire around the long piece. Trim it close to the section of wire that’s long and pinch it using your pliers.

• Straighten he long wire and put in on steel block. Hammer the wire part that has no coils or beads.

• You will have a curved wire now. Straighten it using nylon-jaw pliers.

• String a bead and bend it perpendicularly over the bead.

• Using your marker, make an open loop by curving the wire to the front of the earring. You have to keep the little bend above the bead. This will keep it intact.

• Now cut the wire about 1 ¼” approx.

• Bend about ¼” barely outward at the tip of the wire using flat-nose pliers.

• File the end of the ear wire using a small file to smooth it and trim sharp edges.