How To Make Your Silver Beads Appear All New After Use

How To Make Your Silver Beads Appear All New After UseWe have all been there. The first day, your product glistens nothing like anything. After many rounds of usage, your silver beads start getting dull nothing like anything. You couldn’t help but hate the fact.

What causes your silver jewelry to become dull?

Tarnishing reaction between your silver beads and the atmosphere relates to dullness. It can usually happen from air, moisture, sweat or oil from your own hands. If you live in coastal areas then you are likely to see your jewelry go black rapidly.

Now a surprising fact: Tarnishing reaction can be prevented if you frequently wear your jewelry, not like 24 hours, but more time than you keep them in storage.

Let us now learn the ways to make your dull jewelry appear glistening and new:

Things you need:

• Bowls – reasonably sized but big enough to accommodate your beads collection

• Towel

• Shampoo or liquid hand soap

• Soft toothbrush

• Jewelry polishing cloth

Start with pouring warm water in your bowl, then some drops of liquid soap. You need to use a mild cleaner. I recommend you go for a Sulphate free shampoo. Soak your beads in a solution of water & soap/shampoo. Please note that this is adhesive for all kinds of beads apart from those that can hold glue on their surfaces.

Now you need to gently clean your beads with a soft toothbrush. Do not be vigorous and scrub too roughly. Always use a soft brush! You could scratch the surfaces if you go too hard on them.

Afterwards, fill another bowl with clean water. Now you need to shift your beads from the water containing shampoo/soap to the water containing nothing. It is okay if your beads still have some moisture on their surfaces. Take a moment and let them soak in to the clean water.

Now take them out of the bowl and spread them on a towel surface. They would dry up. Any residue of soap/shampoo would have been removed when you put them in the clean water bowl. If they still have a dull texture on their surfaces, know that it is the residue still stuck to it. Clean it.

Now that they have dried, rub them off a polishing cloth. You can easily find jewelry polishing cloths in stores. They are even made by some of the biggest brands. They have a polishing agent, and cannot be washed and need to be replaced at irregular intervals. You will notice that the blackness will be left onto the cloth and yourbeads will appear shiny again.

Apart from silver ones, some matte glass ones can also become very dull causing you to throw them away. Their shiny surfaces can easily be revived again using mild soap, water and a soft toothbrush.

Now that you know how to clean your jewelry, get about your abandoned stacks and make them appear all new again. I hope you found it helpful. I will be presenting more guides soon!