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Creative Things To Make With Wooden Beads

Wooden BeadsWhen you hear about wooden beads, what do you think? Many people consider them cheap and they think you cannot really do anything good with them. That’s why they are inexpensive. Well, this is not the case, you can actually do a lot more with these beads and the items you can make with them are actually going to be good.

They are versatile types of beads as well because they are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Here are some ideas for different projects that you can use wooden beads in:

Making a Keychain

It is definitely going to be wonderful to create a personalized keychain with these beads. If you always get in the trouble of losing your key at the bottom of your bag then it is high time you personalize it with beads. All you have to do is attached some chunky beads to a piece of leather cord and tie it up with the keys. You will have your very own keychain made.

Personalized Bookmarks

If you love reading books, you are definitely going to need a bookmark. Why not make your own special one with wood beads? You can use the beadings in small size and add them in a ribbon to make a nice bookmark. You will certainly love using it because it is made by you. It won’t be a bad idea to gift it to someone who loves reading books.

Make Stylish Curtains

You might have seen curtains made out of beads hung there in the hallway. With the wooden beads, you can create curtains for the kitchen door for keeping the files away. They are going to make your kitchen look wonderful. There will be no trouble of refracting sunlight of the because they are not any reflective stone, they are made from wood. You can create a pattern by adding beadings of different colors, sizes and shapes.

Use With the Pull Cords

If you have a bathroom having pull cord light, then here is another place where you can use the wooden beads. It can certainly be quite dangerous to use your wet hands for pulling the cord so why not add these beads into the cord and make it look appealing along with being safe. For this purpose, large beads are going to make an excellent choice because you can easily hold them and you can also search for them in the dark. This will make your bathroom look a bit clean and attractive too.

Now all comes down to the task of purchasing the wooden beads. Well, you will not really have to worry about this thing because there are large number of sellers who are providing wholesale beads. You can find them in different quality, shape, size and even color. All you have to do is make sure that you choose the right one according to the project you are going to use it for. Now if you think nothing can be made out of these beads, then think again.